My name is Danielle Langedal and I’m a digital creator who travels around Norway with my family. I travel with my fiancé Kenneth Svendsen, our son Elion (1,5 years old) and our 13 year old dog Trulte. Kenneth and I started photography in 2018 after our first trip to a place called Runde, which is close to were we live. After that it was impossible for us to stop. A new world opened up for us and it got even better when we could share it with our son Elion. 

So far we've been to China, Portugal, Iceland, England and we've been through Norway three times. Hopefully we will be able to travel more soon if Covid disappears. After starting with photography the beauty of nature has been even more clear for us! We've started enjoying small things like fog around trees. On this webpage I sell presets that can maybe help people edit their photos to a better version. I will also sell prints of photos I've personally taken and edited.